Chicken Stroganoff

Chicken Stroganoff is a variation of the original dish, Beef Stroganoff, of the Russian Origin. It is basically a dish with sauteed pieces of beef or chicken with mushrooms in sour cream served with noodles - succulent pieces of chicken with a creamy sauce, an absolute delight to have.


Chicken boneless, cut in strips, 1 cup
Mushrooms, sliced, 1/2 cup
Butter, 2 tbsp
Olper's Cream, 1 cup
Vinegar, 2 tbsp
Garlic paste, 1 tsp
Tomato puree/paste, 2 tbsp
Paprika, 1/2 tsp
Salt, 1/2 tsp
Chicken powder, 1 tbsp
Black pepper, crushed, 1 tsp
Noodles/fettuccine, boiled, 400 grams.


Heat a pan and melt butter. Add a teaspoon of garlic paste and chicken, and fry for 3-4 minutes. Now add tomato puree, salt, paprika, mushrooms and cook for 6 minutes. In the end, add the cream, vinegar, black pepper, chicken powder, mix well, cover with a lid, and on low flame cook for two minutes or till the sauce thickens. Garnish with fresh chopped parsley or dried oregano, and serve with noodles.

Potato Pops


Big potatoes, boiled and mashed 4
Salt To taste
Pepper 1/2 tsp
Butter 2 tbsp
Flour 4 tbsp
Chicken cube, mixed in 2 tbsp warm water 1


Mix all the ingredients and make small balls. Add in some flour, mix well. Add more flour till it's the right consistency (slightly on the doughy side). Make balls out of the mixture, coat them again in some flour and then deep fry on high flame till they are a nice golden brown.

*To be on the safe side, make one ball, coat it in flour and test it by frying it on high heat. If it doesn't break or dissolve in the oil, make balls from the rest of the mixture and fry!

Chicken Teriyaki with Garlic Rice

A super duper easy and quick recipe for Chicken Teriyaki (courtesy my sister!)


Boneless Chicken 1 kg

Garlic-Ginger paste 1 tbsp
Soya Sauce 1 cup
Dark Brown Sugar 2-3 tbsp
Salt and black pepper To taste


Fry the chicken on a high heat, till the water dries out. Add ginger-garlic paste and fry a bit more. When the water is completely dried (there should be no water in the chicken), mix the soya sauce and brown sugar and add it to the chicken. Cook on a high heat, for around 5-6 minutes to thicken the consistency (add cornflour if you find it too runny).

Just before serving, chop spring onions, garnish the chicken and then serve.

For Garlic Rice:

Thinly slice about 5-7 garlic cloves. Heat a wok and add about 1/4th cup oil. Stir fry the garlic till aromatic and slightly brown. Lower the heat, add salt & pepper to taste, and soy sauce about 2 tbsp. Mix, add the rice, mix again and fry on high heat for about 2 minutes. Turn off heat, add chopped spring onions and serve! 

*The secret of success of this dish is to use a good quality soy sauce (I used American Garden) and dark brown sugar (I used Sugarie's dark brown cane sugar). It makes a LOT of difference. In case, you find it too expensive, you can always use half quantity of good quality soy sauce and half quantity of low quality soy sauce.

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